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Elijah was a great prophet who was incensed at the violence, arrogance and lack of justice displayed by Israel’s political leaders. In a great showdown, he called down fire from heaven (Kings 19) which consumed his opponents. It was a violent smackdown.

Jesus’ disciples wanted to do the same thing when a bunch of no good Samaritans disrespected him (Luke 9.51-56). Sadly Christians still want to do the same thing. It’s no accident that the meeting of Christians to challenge the campaign for marriage equality has called itself ‘Jericho.’ But is this desire to seek the destruction of their enemies fair or even appropriate?

Elijah’s fire solved nothing. Israel didn’t change, in fact the lack of justice, preference for violence and arrogance only grew worse. Jesus pointed the disciples in a different and non-violent direction. He still directs his people to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God…

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